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Nadie que me comprenda/

There's No One to Understand Me


Ficticia Editorial/Instituto Sinaloense de Cultura, 2018

2015 Gilberto Owen National Literature Award

Don Guillermo, the main character, was born in Mazatlan in the early 1900s.  Through her stories, the author explores his complex personality; how easily he embodied opposing characteristics, like generosity and selfishness, and delves into the things we love and hate of the people we love the most. 

Read some sample pages here (in Spanish).

You can buy it in Spanish from Ficticia Editorial here.

Books for the young and not-so-young ones



Jalisco State Council for Culture and Arts, 2016

CECA Jalisco Scholarship 2015

Illustrated by Juan Salvador Hernández Díaz.

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Un amigo virtual/A Virtual Friend


Jalisco State Council for Culture and Arts, 2019

CECA Jalisco Scholarship 2018

A virtual friend is an adventure where the reader is the main character.  A girl receives a friendship request through social media.  Depending on her decisions, the story will have seven different endings. 

Illustrated by David Alvarado.

Unos papás de verdad/True parents


Loqueleo, 2019

Unos papás de verdad familiarizes first readers with diversity within families through beautiful illustrations and scenes of family life, love and shared interests.  It is a book to open conversations about the emotional bonds between parents and children, which are as strong and important as blood ties. 

Illustrated by Greta Haaz Unger.

Encrucijada, 2a. edición/

Crossroads, 2nd edition


State of Mexico Publishing Fund (FOEM), 2018

Encrucijada is an adventure where you are the main character.  As you turn the pages, you will decide how to react to the story.  Will you take risks or will you control your curiosity and proceed with caution?  Encrucijada allows you to live the consequences of your decisions, even the riskier ones, from the safety of the book you hold in your hands.  Is there a chance this will help you think more clearly?

Illustrated by Rocío Solís Cuevas.

Aventuras de una nube/

A Cloud's Adventures


Letras para Volar, University of Guadalajara, 2017

Friends Collection

Have you ever heard about all the things that happen to clouds?  In this story, you will hear about the adventures that a little cloud  has with the sun, the sky, the rain and the stars. 

Illustrated by David Alvarado.

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Short stories

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A la sombra de la catedral/

In the Cathedral's Shadow


Luvina, University of Guadalajara Literary Magazine, spring 2018.

You can read it in Spanish here.

Viaje en motocicleta/

The Motorcycle Trip

Timonel, Literary Review of the Regional Fund for Northwestern Culture and Arts, February-March 2017.

You can read it in Spanish here on page 6 of the magazine.

Intercambio/The Exchange


Caleidoscopio XI, SOGEM Guadalajara and La Zonámbula publishing house, 2014.


Entre hombres y perfumes/Among Men and Perfumes

Multitasking maternal/Maternal Multitasking


Caleidoscopio X, SOGEM Guadalajara and La Zonámbula publishing house,  2013.

La vecina/The Neighbor


Caleidoscopio IX, SOGEM Guadalajara and La Zonámbula publishing house, 2012

Other publications


¿Misógin@ yo?  Reflexiones de una escritora/Misogynist - Who, Me? A Writer's Reflections

In the anthology México hoy, Mexico City, Guadalajara and San Miguel de Allende PEN Centers.  La Zonámbula, 2018.

Misogynist - Who, Me?  A Writer's Reflections

SolsticeLitBlog, may 2018.

Translated by Jesse Tomlinson.

You can read it in Solstice's blog here (in English).

About Me

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Born in Mazatlan, in the northern state of Sinaloa, I consider myself “mazatleca” even though I left town when I was 18.  Learning has always been enjoyable to me.  I’ve liked reading, numbers, languages and solving problems since I was a kid.  I studied Economics at ITAM and a Master’s in Public Affairs at Princeton University.


I worked in affordable housing development, advised nonprofit organizations and researched public policy issues from within government.  In 2002 I helped start Alternativas y Capacidades, a capacity building organization in Mexico City, where I worked for years.  My focus was nonprofit management and governance, corporate philanthropy and social investment, and public policy advocacy. I currently participate in the Advisory Board of GENDES, a nonprofit organization working on masculinities.


Writing became a new path in my professional life in 2011, when I started taking short-story writing workshops.  Encrucijada (Crossroads), my first children´s book, was selected by the Jalisco State Council for Culture and Arts in 2015 and published in 2016.  Nadie que me comprenda (There’s no one to understand me), my first book of short stories, won the Gilberto Owen National Literature Award in 2015 and was published in 2018.  I studied creative writing at SOGEM Guadalajara.